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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Looking for a book/PDF??

Looking for a book/PDF??  

Comment below and I will try to help you find it! ^_^

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

SaveGram APK - Best Instagram Photo Downloader

Wanted to backup or copy bulk instagram photos but can find the working app??
Wanted to repost instagram pictures without watermark??
No need to use the repost app and screenshot function.
SAVEGRAM to the rescue! :D

✔ Lets you download own pictures and other public users.
✔ Backup your instagram pictures using your Android phone

App Overview
This is not an application of the official Instagram.
By using this application, you can share the moments spent with your family, friends, times of day to day. This requires that you have an account on Instagram, there you will edit your images using the filter effects in the photos, making it more beautiful! When your images are saved in your photo gallery, oh yes, our application will take action, in a simple and uncomplicated, it is possible to select the photos of your choice and with just one click and download to your smartphone!
So you use them as wallpaper, short as you wish! Everything will be saved on your phone! This application will backup your photos, making your life!
Share your happy moments!


SaveGram has been removed from PlayStore. But it is a very great app that i wanted to share it to you.

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